Kenyan Diaries – Day 16

Monday mornings are usually slow, but not here in Mathare. Driving down Gong Road at 7:30 this morning, everyone was out and about going to work or selling items to travelers. We had one of the Kibera teachers, Leah, come join us today which was fun, so we had 9 teachers in the classroom. I repeated the cost of goods sold concept, and then we gave them time to work before doing their group presentations. I felt like such a proud mom when they came up to speak about what they have learned, especially to those who were a bit nervous or whose confidence I have seen grow over the past two weeks.  After all of the presentations, Freddy (our driver and alumni of the program) came to speak to our class about how he moved from the slums and grew his businesses. I think it really resonated with all of the students as they realized there was hope for them, and he really emphasized how much the course helped him obtain knowledge, loans, and networking opportunities.

Dianna, our star student, came and spoke to me about starting up a chapati food truck in Vancouver, which I think would actually be a really great idea, so I have been speaking with her about starting that. Paul, the Strathmore University student, also expressed interest in partnering with me for my insect-based animal feed idea, as the labour and land are super cheap in Nairobi and the government is investing in these types of things. He said he could help me find farmers and processors, and I would just do the logistics side of it which would suit me perfectly. So perhaps I will end up doing business in Nairobi after all.

We ended today with a communal meal at the girl’s apartments followed my a game of fish bowl in the boy’s apartment.

I am super tired now, so heading to bed. Lala Salama!



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