Kenyan Dairies – Day 12

2 down, 6 still standing.. and I was designated group leader.

Today we taught operations and logistics, which was a lot more difficult than the previous lectures of marketing and branding due to its quantitative nature. I took the class through the first exercise and it actually went a lot better than expected. It was difficult, and more boring than usual, but I felt the students really learned and once they did get it there was a confidence boost. Ayub, a student in the class, showcased his art in our daily talent show, which was really amazing. He’s a shy guy, but you could see him get more confident with every “ooo” and “ahh” his audience dished out to him. Lilian even brought a hair tool to class to show me what it was which was so thoughtful. I then got bombarded at the end of class with all of the students wanting to take photos with me which was hilarious, and we headed home with Dennis after buying a hot chapati from the women outside.

We came home, showered, lesson planned, and then cooked for our apartment a very cultural dish of pesto pasta, chicken and vegetables which was actually really good. Now, I’ve just finished my half of the Tusker, and I’m taking some alone time as a few people watch basketball in the living room of my apartment. Erick (a rapper/student of mine) messaged me on Facebook with the images from the other day as well as some images of him rapping which was cute, but I’m not sure if I should be responding too much so he doesn’t get the wrong idea.

ANYWAY, time for bed because tomorrow we are teaching revenues and expenses…. should be fun!


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