Kenya Diaries – Day 11

Class started slowly today, the ice-breaker activity wasn’t too fun and people were wondering in late all the way up to 10 am. We had decided, though, that after Josephs suggestion of less fun and more teaching, we would stick to the timings we had set the previous night, so it was a lot more structured. I felt that we got through a lot more material, and Abigail made me feel better when she told me that the class felt a bit rushed but that she understands, and she has learned a lot nonetheless. It was really interesting during the break, all the women seemed to group up and come and asked me what chemicals I put in my hair or if I have died it, and all seemed so shocked when I said it was natural. Perhaps I shouldn’t have but I promised Abigail she could style my hair on of these days, luckily I didn’t say yes to Grace who wanted to cut off my hair to “weave it” and sell it on to a Kenyan woman.

Later, we learned more Chinese, I helped a bunch of students with their businesses, and I ate my Chapati with Erik who went and got one for me which was sweet. Class ended early today as we had to head over to the High Commission for 2:30, and had an approximately 45 minutes wait to get through security. The Canadian High Commission in Nairobi is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been to, and I was very surprised we were let in, even with all of the heavy security. We even managed to meet and speak with the high commissioner! (Fact: The difference between a high commissioner and ambassador? If they are part of the commonwealth or not). From there we headed to the Two Rivers Mall, which was massive but very empty, and we ate Asian food and bought groceries because tomorrow it’s my apartments turn to cook.

All is well, except tomorrow both VJ and Aggie will be off teaching, so we have a smaller group and a lot to cover. Should be fun… Lala Salama!


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