Kenya Diaries – Day 10

Today started with me almost having a heart attack watching a man jump onto a  moving public transport bus commonly called a Matatu. Fred, our driver, said we’d have to ride one of these one day for the “true Kenyan experience,” and I totally agree. They are jam packed, sweaty, and curve through the traffic like motorbikes, it’s going to be awesome. We then got to the class which was open and ready for use today, I took attendance and tried to learn everyone’s names properly (I think I’m 90% of the way there), then we began the lessons. One of the Kibera teachers swapped with Doris, so we had a slightly different dynamic in the classroom today which I think was welcomed by the students. The energy was high in all of the teachers, which was portrayed to the students as well. I tried to speak up more than usual to get more confident in front of the class and felt more confident talking to each person as they got to know me better.

One activity we had today was about public speaking. We split the group up into eight groups of eight, and each instructed one group. Each person was to speak for 2 minutes about what they had learned so far in the course, and the feedback was great. It was so rewarding to see the enthusiasm and passion they had for the course, and one girl even said she wanted to learn so that she could teach the course in her area which was honestly so motivating. Rueben also performed a rap in our class, which got everyone so hyped up that Joseph (a student) actually suggested we make the class “less fun.” Of course, we ended the day with Chapati and tea and then heading back to the apartments for some chill, lesson planning, and pizza.

Tomorrow, I’m performing a skit with Janet. I feel as though I’m just being pushed further and further out of my comfort zone, but I almost love it.


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