Kenya Diaries – Day 8

It is almost midnight and we have just finished lesson planning for tomorrow’s lesson. I will be in charge of explaining competitive advantage and co-ordinating an activity to help them distinguish their unique selling point. It should be interesting, especially seeing as half the class is starting a hair salon and the way they’ll make it different is by being “better.”

It’s quiet now, everyone has gone to bed and I’m boiling the last kettle of water before I turn off all the lights and call it a night.

Today has been awesome. With a slightly later start, we head to the elephant orphanage and watched them drink milk and play fight with each other. I got a million photographs, a stroke of a few baby elephants, and a bit of a sunburn. They were so adorable and the sanctuary seemed to be for a good cause which made us all feel better about being there. Next, we headed to a beautiful spot for a buffet lunch. As I munched on Chapati and chicken stew I looked around and realized I was sitting at a table of 20 people that I didn’t know at all just last week in the middle of Nairobi eating food I had never tried before, yet I felt so comfortable and safe. From here we gathered ourselves with our buddy system (we each have a number- my number is 4- and we count from one to sixteen to ensure everyone is there before moving on to the next location) and drove through the traffic to the giraffe center. This place escalated quickly… we started off feeding pellets of food to the giraffes from our hands which at the time seemed super cool, then Ben decided we should try to feed them from our mouths (apparently Giraffes mouths are some of the cleanest among animals), then some people in our group fed the pellets off their tounges and out of their noses which is where I drew the line. I think the giraffes were only half of the attraction at this point, our group the other. Again, a million pictures were taken, and then we came home and VJ and I checked out the gym before our communal dinner cooked by Yuki which was better than the majority of our meals so far.

Tomorrow, another early start, but I am excited to see how many students show up and how the lesson is going to pan out. Lala Salama!


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