Kenya Diaries – Day 6 & 7

Wow. What a last couple of days. We’ve been non-stop, hence the lack of blog posts, but it’s been absolutely amazing.

Friday morning we woke up bright and early and set off to Mathare to teach. Even more students joined reaching a total of 62 instead of 50, even though we were told to prepare for a lot of drop outs, so that was positive reinforcement of our teaching skills (or perhaps it was the free chapati and Mzungu’s, hah). Anyhow, the class was full of energy and everyone seemed a lot more confident to teach. We had a fun ice-breaker, I lectured for the first time, and we even had a performance from Eric (Artist name: Toon) that rapped for us after the break which got the class super hyped up. We also worked on the PEST analysis where we split the class into 8 groups, had them designate a writer, and give them 3 minutes to write as many political factors as possible until we found a winner, and then did the same for the other three letters. It worked SO well, everyone got very excited, they came up with loads of ideas, and the classroom felt alive. It’s great to see everyone laughing, smiling, and joking around, but still passionate about their studies. I remember sitting in the front row, while Paul lectured about industry analysis, and thinking to myself, wow, I am so lucky to experience this.

The evening came very quickly, and we headed to the boy’s apartment for dinner and drinks before heading out to Westland to go clubbing (sorry mom!). The nightlife in Kenya was…. wow. The music made sure everyone kept moving, the people were full of excitement, and the alcohol was cheap, it was great. Half of them went home and I stayed out checking out a few more clubs before taking an Uber home with my friends at 4 in the morning. Interestingly, the only “drunk food” available was plain sausages, so we decided against that, and took a quick dip in the pool instead.

Day 7 was difficult. Surviving on only 4 hours of sleep, I dragged myself to Masai market. Once out I felt a lot better and bargained my way into buying a painting of African women in the sunset, which I’ll hang on my wall back home to remind me of my trip. The market was similar to those I’ve seen in South East Asia, so I left with Kait and Tim early to get an iced coffee from Java Cafe. Next, we went for lunch. As we rolled up to the mall I suggested we eat somewhere more local, as the mall cost the same as Canada and looked like we were in the middle of downtown Seattle. Everyone agreed, so we went to a “floating restaurant” on a lake that cost just as much but tasted 10 times as good. We then rushed to the Bombas of Kenya, where we watched a performance that depicted some of the 43 tribes in the nation. During one of the first ones, Tim and VJ were asked to go on stage where they were part of a marriage ceremony and then had to pretend to get really drunk which was hilarious. By this time, the drivers had found out about the club the previous night and were asking the performers to pick me during the dancing scene. So I went up in front of everyone and tried to dance like all of the African women, which was embarrassingly hilarious. We finished off the day with dinner at Zen Garden, thanks to Tim, which was lovely. That night everyone went to the pool but I crashed and had a good 9 hours of sleep.

I love it here.


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