Kenya Diaries – Day 5

Happy Madaraka Day! Today commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule in 1963. While I did not even know this holiday existed, I was happy about it as it meant a day off school and a slightly later start.

First, we attended a “trade-show.” Up until about 30 minutes into the event, no one really seemed to know what it was, even the organizer. After talking to Daniel, the owner of Ghetto Foundation that we are in affiliation with at the school, we realized that the horse-race grounds turned small market was actually a display of all of the local entrepreneurs to Mathare (the slum). We walked around, looking at the hand-crafted goods, art, and food items, and bumped into about 10 students from our course. It was awesome to see them doing something pro-active, and I bonded with some of them outside of the class which will definitely help tomorrow.

Then, lunch. We went to a really nice, but heavily westernized mall containing Carrefour, an overpriced food court and only one coffee shop tucked in the corner. It was here that we decided as a group that we want to eat more local and try to understand the culture more instead of sheltering ourselves. After lunch, we head over to the national museum of Nairobi, where we took pictures with the stuffed zebras, read about the evolution of humans, and appreciated semi-abstract paintings of biblical stories. It was pretty sweet. From this, we came home, ate pizza, drank a Tusker, and awaited our new roommates to arrive.

They did, and they seem great, and now I must sleep as we have a big day of teaching tomorrow.


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