Kenya Diaries – Day 1

A lot has changed since yesterday. I almost can’t believe that I only landed last night, it feels as though I’ve already been here for weeks.

This morning we had a safety briefing, which honestly scared me a lot and as I walked back to my room to grab my belongings, I had doubts about the trip. This was quickly shattered, however, when we headed to the Yaya market in the relatively more affluent part of town. Not only did the city not feel any different than Bangkok or Hua Dong, but I somehow did not feel out of place. There was a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and races, and I felt comfortable laughing and sharing stories with my new friends. The shopping mall was mediocre; the typical shops, restaurants, and cafes, and we ate typical food, noodles, rice, and pizza, but the atmosphere was alive and you could sense the excitement and curiosity in everyone. We were about to share an awesome experience and we could all feel it.

The afternoon was spent relaxing around the house, throwing frisbees and catching up with family to let them know we were safe, and then it was back out to the Fairmont for more food and Tusker beer (one curiosity ticked off, yay!). The ambiance was amazing, the staff lovely, and the company top notch.

Now I await my roommate and hope for continued good vibes.

Tomorrow; the slums.


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