Kenya Diaries – Day 0

Apprehension? Excitement? Anxiety? Joy? Curiosity?

I sit crouched over my laptop in an economy aisle as we cross Northern Africa when it hits me; I’m about to spend a month living, learning, and teaching in Nairobi with a group of people I have briefly met over pizza and apple juice. I wrack my brain trying to gain some sort of expectation for when I arrive- Will I be dressed appropriately? Will Aggie be there to pick me up? Will I get sick? Will I love it or hate it or something in between? Out of everywhere I have been in this world, this is the country I know the least about. I don’t know the culture, traditions, language. I don’t know how developed or under-developed the city will be, will it compare to Kuala Lumpur? Belgrade? Shanghai? All I have to go off is a picture that Leah sent to our WhatsApp group of the beautiful crystal blue swimming pool and surrounding tropical nature in our accommodation. I am positive, though, that with all of the unknowns will come copious lessons learned, and we will all leave the city with more understanding and appreciation than which we arrived.

My hopes for this journey? I wish to return to Vancouver with a bank of memories that I can look back and learn from of both the businesses I have worked with and the friendships that I have made in the process. I hope to learn the cities culture, food and drink specialties (particularly the coffee and Tusker beer), and basic traditions. How will I do this? Say yes, listen, and ask questions.


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