What does it mean to be ‘okay with being alone’?

Is ‘being okay with being alone’ when an exciting event happens and you do not feel the need to share it with anyone? Is it when you are able to go out for a meal by yourself and enjoy it? Is it understanding that people aren’t unconditionally there for you and that is okay because you are there for yourself?

There are a million self-help books outlining how to be happy, how to be confident, how to be alone, yet it still seems a foreign concept to me. Am I ever going to be truly happy alone? Isn’t the basis of human life human connection?

I enjoy being alone. A lot more than others, I would say. I like to workout alone, I enjoy bus rides alone listening to my music, I take longs walks in which I would rather be alone, and I am very okay sitting in front of my computer eating my favourite food and watching my favourite youtube fitness stars. After a while, though, I feel a need to go out and explore, socialise and connect. Sometimes, I wish I had someone I could cuddle with or take out to dinner. Sometimes, I want someone I could go on hikes with and travel with. Does this make me not okay with being alone?

I don’t know.