Why Does The Colour Of Her Top Matter?

Women in power?

Strong, Independent, Sophisticated.

Yet, we aren’t talking about their actions. Instead, we are looking at what shoes they wore, if their snow-white blazer was ‘appropriate,’ whether they have a boyfriend or not. Why? Why is it that women are seen as an object of sexual desire and cannot be taken as seriously as men in any regard? We are seen as emotional, irrational, incompetent, an entity that needs to be taken care of. We are expected to look perfect, act polite, listen and respect boys, and hate each other.

While our society seems to be more understanding and open to the idea of women being able to do anything they put their mind to, the media still portrays us as less important, less threatening, and ultimately less powerful. The statistics are rising, there are more women in power than ever before, and people are speaking about these issues over and over. However, I don’t see much of a change in our everyday society. I don’t see much of a change in the women around me. I definitely do not see much of a change in the media.

Why are we still fighting this battle? In 195 BCE, women started fighting for their rights against the Oppian law, and since then it’s been an uphill, slow and torturous battle. Why is this still a thing? Why are we still fighting for the freedom to choose if we want a child? Why are we still not getting paid equal wages? Why is it that almost all industries have significantly fewer females than male workers? Why is it not mandatory to get paid maternity leave?

Yes, we are heading in the right direction. Yes, I have it almost infinitely better than my grandmother did, and she better than hers. But no, I am not going to stand for almost okay. Almost okay is not okay. Almost okay is not good enough. We will continue to fight, march and stand our ground, and I hope one day our daughters will reap the benefits.


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