Donald Trump

January the 20th, 2017.

Donald Trump is actually the 45th president of the United States of America.

People from all corners of the globe have followed this campaign vigorously, and those not interested in politics have come out and spoken up about their thoughts and feelings.

Is this figure of capitalism and closed-culture what the world needs to wake up? Is this the slap in the face necessary for us to stop in our tracks and think, wait.. black lives do matter. Climate change needs to get fixed. Gender discrimination is an issue. Minorities should be allowed in America, and around the world. We do need to help those in need. Mental illness should not be made fun of.

Finally, we’re speaking.

The whole world is speaking. “This is wrong, things need to change, I do not agree with how we are proceeding.” People are shocked that those in power think this way. People want to move away from what is occurring at this present moment. People actually care. 

That saying about hitting rock bottom before you realize the severity of the situation? This might be it.

I have hope. I feel united with my peers in a movement we all feel so strongly about. Social issues are coming up in conversation more than ever and I am seeing change, passion, and determination.

Thank you, Donald Trump, at least for that. We will watch diligently, praying to whoever we deem fit that you do not make foolish changes in Americas rules. The world is watching you, and we need some faith in humanity against all odds. Prove us all wrong, I dare you.